Gladiator Sandals + Vest = Ready For Summer.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I just confirmed with UPS that my two new purchases will be arriving today. While they are not what you would call "big ticket" items, I am extremely excited nonetheless. Why? Because these are things that can only be worn in Summer. Since I currently have the New England blues any thought of Summer puts a smile on my face. I plan on putting these front and center in my closet to remind me that yes, one day it will be warm enough for me to wear them (a day very very very far away I know).

Here is the Sam Edelman "Gilda" Sandal. I think this will look so cute with skinny jeans or denim cutoff shorts. Did I mention they were only 65 dollars? 

This is the White "Mason Vest" by Michelle Mason.

Yes, you have seen this vest before. I have been stalking  it ever since I got that email from my girl Gwyneth back in October's Goop Newsletter. 

I think this will look awesome over a white tank with jeans. the best part when I originally went to get it it was over 300 dollars and I was able to wait to get the last one for around 100. Of course the only one left was in my size. Yep, meant to be.

I am becoming quite the Recessionista I would say. Miracles can happen! 

Now if I could somehow make it 85 degrees out......


lunarossa said...

Wow, the vest is a real treat! And so the sandals...Pity that something like that would be wasted here in the UK...A week of summer at the most, hardly worth the expense...What about the Louboutins?

Cali-Ally said...

Very cute! Love both pieces :)

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