Has Anybody Seen This Dress? Part 2.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A special Thank You to The Missus over at On Common Ground for helping me expand my search! (also for letting me steal the picture of the dress off her website)*

Please let me know if you have seen this dress....I'm about to put up wanted posters.

*Not only can I not figure out grab, but I somehow deleted the damn application. Special thanks to J.C. of comfort photography for trying to help my computer illiterate self learn how to use this amazing machine.


that girl? said...

Now that is one sunny dress - just what a girl needs to chase away the winter blues! What's it made of - looks shiny? Good luck with your search and let us know if turns into a purchase!
Just seen you have One Fifth Ave on your must read list - I got that for Christmas but haven't read it yet! You'd think we have a Candace Bushnell addiction wouldn't you?! x

Legally Brunette said...

Love the dress, it would be perfect for Maui! I thought it might be a BCBG dress, but no luck, I did not find it on their website. They did, however, have a somewhat similar yellow maxi dress: