Bad Mommy?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby proof clearly does not equal little man proof. 

There I was standing in the kitchen making the little man's breakfast while he was playing ever so nicely with his step stool, a basket, and a metal toy truck.

Then came the scream. Then I saw the blood. Gasp. This is what I was left with.

When I say that these pictures don't even do justice to how bad this looks, that would be the understatement of the year.

The worst part is the looks that people gave me as we walked for our morning cup of joe. I can't even imagine what The Husband is going to say when he gets home. 

I know, I know, "shit happens" as my Mother in Law said after seeing him on Skype this morning, and yes "boys will be boys" as my other friend said. But I still can't help feeling like I did something wrong, and now I have this constant reminder on that sweet little face that is breaking my heart.

The Little Man is quite resilient and has gone about his day not realizing what kind of horror show is on the left side of his face. Thank God I have the sitter today so he can stay home and "hide out." 

Tomorrow I'm expecting some bruises and there is a 90% chance of a black eye. 

Oh today I am feeling like quite the Bad Mommy.


The Missus said...

Stuff happens to kids... they're curious... They like to play... I spilled a cup of boiling hot chocolate all over my belly when I was two years old after someone had left it up on a counter and turned their back for a few seconds...

I had severe burns on my belly for a while after that.

This stuff happens. He looks happy in the pictures though. He's recovered.

Boston Bride said...

your friend is right- boys will be boys! My younger brother has had numberous battle wounds from playing, sports or just being silly. He looks happy to me :)

what a tough little guy! and your a great mom!!

notSupermum said...

You are NOT a bad mummy, these things happen to children. As tempting as it is to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool all day you can't do it. God grief woman, every parent must have had a similar scenario happen to them - give yourself a break!

p.s. hope your little man is ok

Cali-Ally said...

Same as everyone else is saying - you are SO not a bad Mummy! And as The Missus says, look at little one's face - he's so passed it...but I can only imagine how hard it is to look at his are an amazing Mummy - remember that :)

lunarossa said...

OMG, the poor sweetie pie! Do not worry too much though, kids are more resilient than we think. And if you are a bad mommy then we all are as well. You should have seen our doc's face after taking my then little man to the ER for the third time in two months!!! I even got the health vistor around to check on me! Just smother him in love and everything will be forgotten...All the best. Ciao. Antonella

that girl? said...

Enough YM... you are a FM (Fab Mum), not a BM (Bad Mum!) This stuff happens... but I know how you feel! My little girl fell off the front step last summer in her excitement at getting to eat a picnic tea on the front lawn and she had the biggest egg-type lump and bruise on her head you have ever seen for a few days! Right when we were going to get some family photos taken! But all was forgotten quickly! And it got airbrushed out! How cool - air brushing at age three!
There is a caveat to all this - when something else happens to mine, you have to tell me the same right back as we mums need this reassurance!
Kiss the bump better from all of us across the pond! xx

Julie Q said...

I must say though- looking back at my childhood pics, the one i get the most chuckle out of is me as a 2 yr old with a black eye holding a beer can (my parents thought it'd be an appropriate prop)

except I should probably ask them how i got that black eye.....

he'll heal fast, especially with his YM as his nurse!