The Child Bride.

Friday, January 9, 2009

About three years ago my bestie K.D. dubbed me as the "child bride." We were at Marc Jacobs buying the most amazing patent leather round toe platform heels when I said to the salesman, "oh my husband is going to kill me." He made some remark to the effect of, "wow you're married, I thought you were in high school or college." To this K.D. proudly announced that I was a child bride. To this day I still crack up when I think of his face.

Clearly I wasn't a child, I was 24 and my husband was 28 and today at the ripe old age of 29 I am celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary. When I got married I never even thought that we were young. We had been dating for over 2 years, having been engaged for one. Most of my friends were getting engaged (I did got to Law School in the south ((Maryland)), this may have had something to do with it.) We were in love and I never thought twice about it. Once we moved up North I realized that we were definitely ahead of the game, for better and for worse.

So here we are 5 years later, the supposed hardest years behind us. Usually I don't pay much notice to our anniversary but today does feel like a bit of a milestone. It has also made me very nostalgic and I have spent a good part of the week looking at our wedding photos.

Back then we opted for a "destination wedding." I realize that this is now very popular, but at the time it was a bit out of the ordinary. The Husband had said very soon after he proposed that he didn't care where or when we got married, just as long as he could do so wearing flip flops.  We chose Kauai, Hawaii as our destination and on January 9th, 20some of our closest friends and family joined us on the beach as we said our vows. We then celebrated with a significant amount of Mai Tais and dinner and dancing under the stars. Looking back it really was the most amazing wedding and it was very "us." 

Here are some pictures of yummy mummy aka "The Child Bride."

Although the wedding was non traditional we did have the traditional sharing of the cake, and a few kisses. 

My bridesmaids also known as my little sisters (my Maid of Honor was my bestie from Law School R.L.) 

Here we are dancing under the stars. The dress was "off the rack" and cost us a whopping $55 dollars at the time. Yes, some things have changed.

Here we are saying our "I do's" with the Hawaiian Judge.

Tonight we plan to celebrate with some friends and tomorrow it is a night out on the town just the two of us. I must say 5 years have flown by, some taking a bit longer than others. 

The benefit of getting married young? There is always the possibility that we could be celebrating 60 some day.


notSupermum said...

Many, many congratulations on your anniversary and thanks for sharing some of your beautiful photos of your big day. You look georgeous and very happy.

lunarossa said...

When I was reading reading the first lines of your entry, I was hoping you would post some of your wedding photos and here they are, even without asking! And you are both yummy!!! Happy Anniversary! 100 more of these days! Ciao. Antonella

lunarossa said...

Yummy Mummy, I've left an award for you on my blo. Come and get it. You deserve it! Ciao. A.

Boston Bride said...

Yummy Mummy, reading your blog I knew we had some things in common but wow.. I also have been coined as a "child bride" as I will be married in September and just turned 24 last month :)

I could'nt agree more, I love the pros of getting married young; I want to be that couple with dozens of grandchildren/ great grandchildren celebrating our 60th year of marriage. And also, I personaly want a big family :)

Happy Anniversary!

Cali-Ally said...

Happy Anni YM! Not only were you a "child bride" but you were a beautiful bride...what gorgeous photos :) Here's to many many more years of laughter, love and happiness.

Happy Date Night :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Hope you have many more, your pics are beautiful. I was also a child bride at 20, wouldn't have it any other way.

Julie Q said...

Happy Anniversary! You were quite a yummy bride, and by that i mean gorgeous bride :)

that girl? said...

Love and Congrats YM to you and your husband! Your photos are lovely and you both look so happy! And guess who else celebrates their 5th anniversary on the 22 May this year? Your parallel universe transatlantic sister! Have a lovely weekend celebrating! Make sure you have plenty of bubbles to drink! xx

Miss Lady Finger said...

YUMMY! Wow, you are one hot little child bride! Your pics are so beautiful, and I do hope you had a magical anniversary x I have come through as promised (woohoo!) and posted pictures of bit of my home on my blog. I couldn't find your email address on your blog page, so there they are,posted instead of emailed to you. Enjoy! xxx

Yummy Mummy said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments!!! Tonight we are heading out for our "real" anniversary date so I will give you an update tomorrow!!!! I'm crossing my fingers that the 9 inches of snow won't slow us down.


jayne said...

Happy 5 year! You're not alone though...I had just turned 23 when my husband and I were married and we just celebrated 5 years in September. Still working on the baby, but I've got a dog! :)

all the best.
Jayne from Iowa