Is This Med School or Nursery School?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Harvard for a 2 year old? I wish it was that easy.

Yummy Mummy is unfortunately in the middle of the dreaded nursery school application process. If you happen to live outside of a major city you will have no idea what I am talking about. If you happen to live in one, you like me are about to claw your eyes out (very very slowly). Yep, it's that bad.

I think what is really bothering me is that unlike when I applied to undergrad, and law school, where I was the one who was being judged, now this judgment is now being passed onto my little man. My perfect and wonderful little man. My perfect and wonderful 2 year old. The idea that someone could give him a big denied or even worse put him on some sort of arbitrary wait list literally makes me want to cry. The worst part is that he will be denied based upon how "school worthy" we are. Are we accomplished enough, do we have the right connections, or live in the right neighborhood? Who knows what these decisions are based on. Do they want me to be a stay at home mom, or so they want me to work? Do they want a mother who volunteers or one who will be hands off and not meddle?

I know what you are thinking, who cares what these people think? Or, are you one of those crazy "private" school moms? No, no I am not. In fact, we moved to Cambridge with the idea that we will absolutely enroll our little man in public school for at least k through 6/8 or possibly all the way. My husband and I were both public school kids and we turned out quite all right ending up a doctor and a lawyer, respectively (not that that means anything). The problem is that there are not any nursery schools where we live that don't make you go through this crazy application/ interview process. I'm even more limited because I don't want the little man to go to "school" more that 2 half days a week which leaves me with only 3 real options. I just really want him to be out of the house in a safe school where he can learn how to socialize, 2 days a week. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is.

 I decided early on that I couldn't stand being rejected from all three schools, so I would pick my favorite and basically put all my eggs in that one basket. This of course has made me somewhat of a basket case. Our first interview is on Feb 5 and I am already planning my wardrobe. Trying to study all I can about the school, and talk to anyone and everyone who has gotten a golden acceptance letter in the past. The Husband on the other hand has agreed to show up. Period, end. He views this whole thing as a sham, and sometimes I have to agree. Basically there will be about 80+ families applying for 5 or so spots. A five day a week program will run you about 17,000 a year (can you say not happening???) and a 2 day program is 7,500 which is not much more than a babysitter is for the same hours so that is much more doable, and rational, he will only be two for Christ's sake. 

Now you see why I wish we were applying for Harvard. At least then the price would be justified and the odds of him getting in there are about the same as getting into "x" nursery school. 


The Missus said...

I was a product of public school too... And I actually never went to preschool.. Not sure why. But today, kids definitely gotta go... And I agree with you... It's a lot of hoop-jumping for something that is more or less expected from the school system these days...

They expect the kids to go to preschool and do all these programs... Yet, they make it so hard for parents to get their kids into these programs.

that girl? said...

I just spouted your figures at Other Half and we pay roughly the same for Small Child to attend her preschool for three days a week. She has been at the same place (but was first off in the nursery wing) since just before a year old as I was working part time then. There is no application process, just a waiting list and we got on it when I was three months pregnant! I imagine its longer now as they have continual outstanding ratings on their ofstead reports (education body). They also have a pony, two sheep, a parrot and the kids grow their own vegtables etc so it is an amazing place for her. The results are showing already so I can totally understand your angst at tihis time! Good luck my ovely YM and may your little man prevail! xx p.s. Small Child saw his picture this morning on your blog and asked who he was, then said he was sweet!

that girl? said...

p.p.s that should have read "lovely" not ovely! (Is that a word?!)

Miss Lady Finger said...

I like your 'poll' and your 'twitter updates' on the side there.......Will there be a 'maybe' catagory on the poll?! We need the pro/cons list! x

grammatically impaired said...

As someone who works with children/in a school i can not be MORE of an advocate for good educational environments for a child especially for nursery school. Now a days alot of nursery schools claim to be something they are not... and all they are are glorified babysitters.

Don't get me wrong public schools are great for kindergarten (if you are in the right district)... but i'm all for private nursery schools. They go above and beyond to provide a child with the activities they need to develop.

Don't worry about the interview i'm sure you will do just fine you are such a caring mom! (sorry i was totally just preaching to you from a soap box)

lunarossa said...

I agree with your husband, this seems to be a big sham. I don't you should have to pay to send your child to nursery two half days a week. It's all about getting him to socialize with other children not to get the Nobel Prize for Science. All this hype about public and prive school is all too much for me. I discovered this when I moved to the UK and sincerely I do not approve. Schools should be a safe and educational environment for all children regardless their parents' bank account. But I can understand you want the best for your "bundle of joy" and if you think that your chosen school is the right one, I wish you all the best. Ciao. Antonella

Yummy Mummy said...

Misses- You said it!
TG- Thats's it, I'm moving over to you, your school sounds amazing!!!
Lady Finger- pro/con coming soon
GI- I completely agree with you on the education front, I just wish I wasn't left feeling like things would be different if I had a beacon hill address or if my husband played for the soxs
lunarossa- I wish it could be that easy....the problem is ALL schools are like this here, not just the fancy ones. If you want a safe school for him to socialize than you have to pay the price.

Thanks everyone!!!



Julie Q said...

yikes! that sounds stressful. i was a public school darling and turned out (somewhat) normal :) I think I went to a private nursery school though because I remember it was in Newton. All I remember is that there is a picture of my mom holding me and i'm wearing a graduation cap crying my eyes out on the last day of school. I think I was sad that i'd be leaving all my friends. And I had a really cute polka dot dress on.

Good luck with the interview!