Hello Lover.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I know what I MUST have for my 30th birthday.

Seriously, MUST HAVE. 

The Missus posted a picture of this work of art last week on her blog and I cannot get them out of my head. 

I MUST have them. I repeat I HAVE to have them. 

The Husband gave me a solid "maybe."

This is a very good sign. Maybe almost always turns into, "hello, did you see my amazing new shoes?"

Yes, I know I got a new pair of Louies for my birthday last year, but again, I MUST HAVE THEM. 

To any family member out there I repeat. I MUST HAVE THESE. Any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated. 

Just in case there is any doubt. I MUST HAVE THESE. I absolutely refuse to get another year older without them.

Did I mention I MUST HAVE THEM?

I'll have you all know that I used the grab application to download these pictures and yes I found it on my computer and I figured out all by myself how to use the damn thing. That alone deserves a new pair of shoes doesn't it? I know just the pair..........


notSupermum said...

Oh my goodness! They are seriously stylish shoes. Where would you wear them? And what would you wear with them?

Yummy Mummy said...

I would wear them everywhere, with everything! But never outside!

Anonymous said...

they are AMAZING!i am upset that my b-day passed w/out having seen these shoes. a-maz-ing

Legally Brunette said...

These are the prettiest shoes I've ever seen! And I really really just want to try them on (after giving myself a nice pedi, of course). I called Neiman's when they opened this morning and sadly, they do not carry this shoe in the store =(

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness! These are the most delicious shoe! So perfect for whimsical spring dresses! Or chic cream sheath and these shoes....NOW I want them!

Yummy Mummy said...

I am so glad you are all just as in LOVE as I am!


notSupermum said...

YM - There's an award waiting for you over at my place!

that girl? said...

YM - Im in shoe heaven!!! Love, love love these - they're like the ones that Carrie was wearing when Miranda's waters broke all over them! HEY... maybe when wearing these you'll get pregnant!!!
Did I say I loved them BTW!!!! I will dream about them tonight! x

Yummy Mummy said...

OMG That Girl.....that is exactly how i described them to my fiends "they look like those shoes carrie wore on the "Big" goodbye episode when Miranda's water broke."

it's like we are the same person....the same shoe obsessed, sex and the city, candace bushnell obsessed person.....

Did I mention I MUST HAVE THESE.

lunarossa said...

I would like to buy them too. They are so beautiful, but I would have to place them on my fireplace to be admired. I could never walk on those heels! Ciao. Antonella