Thursday, January 8, 2009

When it comes to clothes I'm not afraid to say that I know what I am doing. I know my style, I know what looks good on my body, and I know what "pieces" are worth the investment and what items will be a one season wear. 

I am not so confident when it come to home decor (understatement of the year).

It's like I don't even know where to begin. Everything in our home in new, including the furniture. This is nothing more than an indication of how bad we were living before. Think of your Freshman year in college and that pretty much sums it up. 

There were certain things that we had to get that did not involve much thought. Things like the kitchen table, sofa, ottoman, etc. The Husband and I were so afraid to make the "wrong" decision that we ended up option for very neutral pieces (aka brown) thinking that we would be able to accent easier and change things up easier as well. We also have a pretty minimal/ modern "style" so for a while it's been easy with the less is more.

Motivated by a small dinner party (does one other couple and a baby make it a party?) I popped Downtown to pick up some things that we have been needing for a while. When I got everything home I realized that it is all so boring. I mean Boring. 

Nothing is really wrong with anything I chose, it's basically the equivalent to buying yet another black sweater. It's safe and you know it looks good but do you really need another black sweater?

Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

We needed a new door mat. Yep, I picked the Brown one. I certainly could have gotten the red, or blue, or multi colored one, but I picked Brown. 

We needed some new placemats to go with the some I already bought this summer. Yep, I picked the snakeskin embossed ones. The brown ones. To go on the brown table. 
You see what I'm talking about. 
(and yes I also see that the couch and curtains are brown, ugh)

I know what you are saying. But wait yum look at those green patterned ones that contrast so well with the black and white napkins and cool green snakeskin napkin holders, that is pretty stylish. Yeah, except I didn't make that style connection. Potterybarn did. The problem was they only had three placemats hence the need for more.

Finally, we needed a "catch all" bowl. You know, something to throw cell phones and keys and change in? What did I pick to go with the silver frames and silver appliances? Yep, a silver one.

I really want our home to be a reflection of us, of who we are as a family. I guess my main concern is that what our home is "saying" to people is that we are, well boring. Boring and mainstream. 

Hmmmmmmm I'm not quite sure how to rectify this. Maybe buy some design books. Maybe take a class? Maybe I just need to buy some crazy rug to force myself to design around it. OK, we both know that I'm never going to do that. 

I guess the first step is admitting that you have a problem so here we go. My name is yummy mummy and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes to interior design.

You think there is a support group for this? I guess that is what I have you all for!


Legally Brunette said...

In my experience, it can take a long time to pull together a home and have it feel that it reflects you. A loong time. Mr. and I have been in ours for over four years, and I'm satisfied with only 3 out of the 5 rooms.

Buying a rug (or other large statement piece) to design around is actually a VERY good idea. It's what finally pulled our living room together.

Plus, brown is chic, easy to take care of, and kid friendly, so you are on the right path there!

Miss Lady Finger said...

Ooooh I love this post! Right up my alley....... I love interiors, and am pleased to say that not only can I dress myself but I can also dress a room witht he best of them! Well, ahem upon saying that our living room atm is one big empty shell.....but I've almost finished the bedroom and am so happy with it! What I do, is I take one teeny tiny object - whether it be a lovely little dish, a print/painting, a little ceramic doodacky and then I tie in other choices to that colour scheme/style. I think (if you don't mind me saying) your problem here is that you're buying EVERYTHING from big commercial bland design places. It's all very nice stuff, but it's very hard to inject personality and 'feeling' into a room full of stuff from places like this. Thrift/antique shopping may not be up your alley (is it? I don't know!), but that's where I find all my unusual bits and pieces that I feel put personality into a room. If you bare with me, I'll take some pics of stuff in my home over the weekend, and email you some pics - just so you get an idea of what I mean. How exciting that you're thinking about all this! Winter is a great time to nest and create a home environment xxx

Anonymous said...

Check out this blog, it's amazing for home stuff and she is local.

Anonymous said...

I agree, a rug would really help. A nice paiting that you like. Then you just take off from there and accesorize with colors. Your furniture has great bones, just need to have some punches of color in your accessories.

that girl? said...

And you wont be surprised to know that our home is mostly decorated in muted tones too!! Although we do have deep red walls in the kitchen! I think that we do it because all our creative energy goes into dressing up and blogging!
I know you already have it but I wanted to nominate you for the award too over at mine cos you're my fab transatlantic sister! x

Yummy Mummy said...

You all are SO RIGHT. It's like a blogging intervention!

I would love any idea's you have, and Miss Lady Finger please please please take some picks!

Thank you thank you thank you!